Hypnobirthing Course

Breathe Hypnobirthing offers a unique and comprehensive antenatal education program catering to Australian needs. The course is taught over 2 full days (9.30am-4.30pm), 1 week apart.


The course fee includes:

  • 12 hours face-to-face tuition

  • A comprehensive Hypnobirthing folio of resources suited to Australia's models of maternity care

  • An MP3 download voucher which gives you the following:

        1. Surge of the Sea (birth affirmations, guided self-hypnosis & relaxation tracks)

        2. Rainbow Mist (guided self-hypnosis & relaxation tracks)

  • ebook "The Little Book of Hypnobirthing"

  • 'Birth Rehearsal' video tutorial for practising at home

  • Extra MP3 Hypnosis tracks

  • Ongoing contact with me up until your birthing day


The course is designed for mum and her birth companion (partner, sister, mother, friend, doula etc) but can also be tailored for mums on their own. The cost for my group classes is $500 per couple.


If you are further along in your pregnancy and require an accelerated course we can design the course to accommodate your needs. The price for the accelerated course will be determined as per your individual requirements.

Private sessions

Private Hypnobirthing courses can be arranged for couples who prefer special attention and privacy in the comfort of your own home. Private hypnotherapy sessions are also available for Preparation for Childbirth, Fear Release and Breech Turn.

Refresher Classes

Private Hypnobirthing refresher classes of 3 hours are also available. This is a great option if you have done the course before and wish to recap the techniques and deep relaxation practice before your next birth.


Some things you will learn:


  • Why and how you can have an easier, more comfortable, and safer birthing experience

  • Deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to release negative emotions, fears and limiting thoughts

  • How to assist, rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts

  • How to avoid artificial induction and achieve a natural start to labour

  • Techniques to help shorten the first stage of labour and to move labour along if it has stalled

  • Breathing techniques for labour and birthing - how to eliminate forced pushing

  • Massage techniques to help you further relax during labour

  • Ultimate positions to assist you in labour and birthing

  • Your partner's role in birthing

  • How to prepare your body for birthing with massage and toning

  • Positive birth affirmations

  • How to bond with your baby during your pregnancy and after birth

  • How to prepare a birth plan.

2019 GROUP 
3rd & 10th February
13th, 20th, 27th March & 3rd April
5th & 12th January 2020
Sophie & Jason, Mornington

"Having had an intervention-heavy, induced labour with my first child, I knew that I wanted to experience a more natural birth second time around.


My partner and I found the Hypnobirthing course was very much in-line with our values and expectation of what birth should be. With Katherine's teaching, we BOTH have gained much confidence that we can achieve a natural birth. My partner learnt many practical and helpful techniques to help me stay relaxed during labour and he is excited about playing an active role in the birth of our child. And the fun part is practicing them before the baby is born! (I've been getting some lovely light touch massages!)


I found learning the physiological side of labour and birthing was really helpful to demystify any fear I had of labour, which in turn will help me stay relaxed and focused. The breathing techniques, the visualisation exercises... After having completed the course, my partner and I felt like it was common sense what we learnt and were amazed that our hospital-based birth course that we did with our first pregnancy didn't teach us any of these things.


We particularly enjoyed being taught by Katherine as she had used Hypnobirthing herself so was able to draw on experience, as well as her education through the Hypnobirthing Institute. Our classes together were very relaxed and we felt comfortable to have any questions and ideas we had discussed in detail and answered fully.


I am so confident that this birth will be much calmer, much easier and much more comfortable and I really cannot recommend the Hypnobirthing course highly enough! I wish I had known about it for the birth of my first child."



Stephanie & Rob, Langwarrin


"Thank you Katherine for sharing your knowledge, experience and passion for Hypnobirthing with us. We both learned new techniques and skills which we will use as we move forward with the pregnancy and birth. It was refreshing to see and hear positive birth stories and know that it is possible for us to also achieve this. We would highly recommend Katherine and Breathe Hypnobirthing to anyone who is thinking about using Hypnobirthing. Thanks for a wonderful course Katherine!"






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