Zara, Trent and Flynn's Birth Story

September 11, 2016

 In July 2013 my partner Trent and I fell pregnant with our first child. A few weeks after finding out, and tests were all back I started to look into birthing options and support. My sister had used calm birth classes and recommended them, but I decided to try something a bit different and looked up Hypnobirthing. I found Hypnobirthing on Google and proceeded to watch these amazing hypnobirths on YouTube. Straight away I said yes yes yes! This is what every woman out there preparing for a birth should be looking further into. I later found a local Hypnobirthing instructor under Breathe Hypnobirthing and contacted Katherine when the time came to look into preparing for our baby's birth.

Katherine was fantastic, straight away I felt so excited about our baby's birth, I thought oh my god I can actually do this! I can do everything in my power to give our baby not only the most healthy growth throughout my pregnancy but the absolute best chance of a natural, uninterrupted birth into this world of ours. She gave me lots of confidence because I knew she had actually used hypnobirthing herself and had a wonderful experience. We spoke from time to time and Katherine stayed in contact with us the whole way. We booked in our private sessions with her and later in the pregnancy we commenced our birthing classes in our own home. All up we had four weeks of hypnobirthing sessions where she taught us everything we needed to know. Teaching myself, Trent and my sister (who was my extra help) how to prepare from the first signs too after the baby is here and how to enjoy being in the moment. She supplied us with such a fantastic amount of material to help us stay focused, how to stay empowered and calm through out my pregnancy, labour and birth. We were given posters, pictures, words to read to help the hypnosis deepen, a hypnobirthing book by the famous Marie Mongan, A CD to listen too, and folder absolutely full of not just material for me but words for my partner also about becoming a daddy for the first time. It was truly beautiful. Trent who is usually quite, well how can I say it, not into alternative methods absolutely loved it. I felt he found confidence and belonging after doing the course.

At 39 weeks I had a doctors appointment and after measuring 35 weeks in growth she ordered me a scan to see why the little one wasn't growing. Up until this point I had been told the baby was a little small but nothing was too out of place to be worried about. I had an ultrasound done that afternoon and found out our baby was frank breech. To say I was beside myself would be an understatement. I was in tears. I rang Trent at work and balled my eyes out. Standing on the street crying thinking there goes all my practice work. But he quickly snapped me out of it. Saying "think about what Katherine has taught you, use it. Calm down and breathe, it will be fine, the baby will be fine, everything will be fine". It all happened very quickly from that point. I rang my chiropractor who tried to do an ECV (external cephalic version -to turn baby) and I went home to rest and to listen to my hypno tapes. The next morning the baby was still in the same position (stubborn baby)
The hospital did a few more scans then gave us our options. It was made very clear to us the baby had under 10% of amniotic fluid left so there was no room to turn. We were given the option to try birthing natural but the risk of hip dysplasia was extremely high, and or worse physical complications could be ongoing. An emergency cesarean was the safest way for our baby to enter the world and we were booked in for the following day first off the rank. We went home, a little deflated but ok, knowing at least the baby was ok. I read through my folder of notes, listened to my tape and tried to get some sleep, know that the next day we would meet our first child. I started to listen to my recordings and got really excited. Thinking back to my classes. If this is the way my baby wants to be born then so be it. It will still be amazing and I WILL stay calm and let my child come to me with my arms open wide.

The next morning my father drove us to the hospital, we were so excited we had photos taken outside together. Trent decided to take silly photos of me in my gown, he even had time to take some "selfies" while they prepped me up. He and I were so excited we didn't have time to get nervous. I used all my skills during the birth and I was not one bit terrified. It was the most amazingly beautiful experience I will never forget.

At 8:27 am on the 1st of April 2014 our beautiful and tiny son entered the world. He weighed 5 pounds and 10 ounces, he had beautiful blond hair and a look on his face like he'd been here before. He cried as anyone would but as soon as he was wrapped, he was so calm, so observant and just had an all round little old man look about him. He is now 10 months old. He eats like a horse, sleeps like a king and has the quirkiest cheeky and beautiful personality. He is very independent but extremely cuddly. He has a habit of studying people and observing them, and of course loves a pretty looking lady. We named him Flynn.

He has always slept well. I've never had any less than three or four hours sleep at a time and he now sleeps 10 hour sleeps throughout the night and about 3 hours during the day. I definitely put it down to all the hypno birthing we did together. A calm mum creates a calm baby I believe. And i give that credit to Katherine for teaching me the skills that we will definitely use again with our next child. Till this day I get asked how did I get my son to sleep so well, and my reply is always "he's a hypno baby, that's how". Thank you so much Katherine! You're amazing!

Zara ,Trent and Flynn xxx

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